For Such a Time….







In school.


Different seasons of life. Katie and I were talking about the different seasons of life this week. The good and the bad. The ups and the downs. It got me thinking… often do we long for a different season? We like winter in the middle of summer and long for the warmth of summer in the middle of the snow storms of January. In the days of our singleness we dream and long for marriage. When we are in the chaos of working we desire the calm of retirement.

Are these desires, dreams, and longings a good thing or a distraction? I definitly believe that there is nothing wrong with dreaming! It is a beautiful God given gift! The problem is when it becomes a distraction…when I spend more time dreaming about the next stage and lose out on the adventures of the moment!

I was reminded of Esther this week. A young woman taken from everything familar and given much responsibility. She easily could have gotten sucked into the distraction of dreaming of the next season of life. She was reminded by her uncle, “who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” She chose to be in the moment and let the Lord use her!

I am in my seasons of singleness and working for such a time as this! My challenge is to not be distracted! I’m grateful to the Lord for prompting the conversation with Katie and reminding me of His purposes and soverignty! Often my friends are the ones who ground and focus me. What seasons are you in and how do you stay focused?