When it Rains it Pours


It’s been a full July and August! I moved into my new place back at the end of July and I still have boxes to unpack, if that tells you how the settling in has gone so far.

Over a three week period, 158 girls moved into my dorm. I also moved into my new office (boxes still in this room to be unpacked as well). We held a “thank you” gathering for all the people who helped build our new dorm. I only had a staff of three for a solid work week where we felt like we were only playing catch-up. Pretty sure that’s how I still feel! On the heels of the work week, we had RA training for the whole weekend. Despite the exhaustion, it was a great weekend of laughter, teaching/learning, and making friends. About 12 hours after finishing RA training, I was leading a staff training day in two different departments as well as prepping for an all dorm meeting. Talk about a busy 72 hours!

That was last weekend…which then led into a full week of work where I felt I was more in the office then anywhere else. To top it off, I got sick running a fever which meant I was quarantined until it was gone. Talk about the struggle between knowing the things that need to be done and yet physically not being able to do them.

So, as I lay there on my couch, I started wondering what I could learn from this. That’s when I started thinking about storms and realized that I was kind of in the midst of one. Isaiah 25:4, “For you have been a stronghold to the poor, a stronghold to the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat….”

A stronghold is something you hang onto in difficult times. A shelter protects you from the elements around you. I’m called to hang onto Him during the storm and hide in His shelter. The rest of the details will take care of themselves.

And let’s be honest, most semesters start this way. It’s partly why I enjoy working with college students; the chaos with an end in sight.

So I guess I should say welcome to Fall 2015! 🙂 The next thing to do, since I’m tired, is take a nap (as is fitting for any college campus), rest in His shelter and gain strength to hang onto His stronghold.