No, I’m not talking about “Fiddler on the Roof.” šŸ™‚ Christmas time brings out a lot of traditions for my students. So what is it about traditions that bring us so much joy? Below are 10 reasons why I love traditions.

T – Time set aside to be with family and friends. We prioritize them over other things in our life.

R – Remembering people and experiences in our lives as we slow down enough to recall them. 

A – A lot of laughter usually is present, either from reminiscing or creating new memories.

D – Delighting ourselves in the many joys of the Lord.

I – Incorporating new ideas with old traditions.

T – They can be serious or funny, simple or extravagant.

I – Igniting a love of tradition in the next generations.

O – One person or many can be involved.

N – No tradition is exactly the same. It depends on the people involved and what is important to them.

S – Sometimes we just need a tradition to give us roots and help us feel like we belong.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Enjoy your old and new traditions and the memories they bring and also create!

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