My baby sister turned 21 today. Where has time gone? I still remember the little ball of energy and artistry that entered our home so many years ago. So in honor of her birthday, here are 21 things I know and love about her!

1. She loves coffee….in every form!

2. She is a very good writer, and I enjoy reading her thoughts and ideas.

3. She loves music and gladly shares her wealth of knowledge with her less then music savvy sister (me).

4. She is a gifted clay artist.

5. She’s the youngest of six kids, but can hold her own with all of us. 🙂

6. She loves understanding why people do what they do (hence a psychology minor).

7. She loves sci-fi and hero movies and is always game for watching a movie with any of her family members!

8. She loves basketball and played for 10 years. 

9. She’s majoring in English.

10. She’s from South Korea.

11. She’s a night owl.

12. She’s not afraid to call me out on my crap.

13. She and I are similar in many ways and very different in just as many ways.

14. She loves puppies, especially her miniture dachshund, Zane.

15. She puts up with my oddities (like going with me to see glass blowers even though that’s super boring to her, but she knows I don’t want to go alone).

16. She loves Jesus!

17. She is a loyal sister and friend.

18. She is an introvert, but enjoys sharing her life with the people she loves.

19. She was 9 years old when our first niece was born, so she was called AC because she was, “too young to be an aunt.” 🙂

20. She can sleep anywhere…I’m very jealous of this gift!

21. She has a head for trivia.

Most of all, I’m thankful she’s my sister and that I get to do life with her! Here’s to many more years and adventures together!