A Lost Art…..

I love Words with Friends! It is basically an electronic version of Scrabble. I’m an awful speller, but I love the challenge of of the game and trying to get better with each game. 🙂 It’s also a great way to keep connected with friends. Plus, I’m competitive and this game allows me to flex that muscle. 🙂

However, I’ve noticed a trend over the last couple of months. I’ve had more and more strangers request a game. This in and of itself is not a problem. I’ve made friends on this app. The odd part is the number of guys who have used the app to hit on me; not to pursue me, but to hit on me. Then, when they realize I’m only interested in playing the game (and not using it as a dating app), they resign the game.

Throughout these interactions, I’ve realized that these guys have lost the art of asking good questions. Their usual questions are… “where do I live”, “how old am I”, and “am I single.” I kindly state that I don’t give out any personal information to people I don’t know, especially on-line. Some accept this while others don’t take me seriously and keep pushing.

To be honest, I felt like these questions wouldn’t have really helped them get to know me. Their questions revealed that their aim wasn’t a genuine connection.

What has happened to our ability to ask good, inquisitive questions? “What book have you read lately?” “Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?” “What are your dreams?” “What makes you tick?”

All these interactions have challenged me to ask better questions of the people around me. Am I actually seeing, and hearing them? Do they feel that I am pursuing them in friendship?

Hopefully, as I play the next game, I’ll get asked better questions by the next guy. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Lost Art…..

    • Sadly, I agree that is part of it. I think I could write several blogs on the reasons behind this…..1. Your point. 2. We’ve changed the emphasis of relationships. 3. Selfishness vs. seeing/loving/serving the other person. 4. Even my sister’s point on the impact of social media. Thankfully we serve a big God! ☺️

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