A Piece of Broken Pottery

Nine months ago I had a red bump show up on my right leg. I wasn’t sure what it was, but did some home remedy stuff (apple cider vinegar, etc.) and thought it would heal, no problem…

Fast forward to this week. After seeing four different doctors (over the last 9 months) and getting four different diagnoses, I have finally discovered what my little red bump (that’s multiplied into a bunch) is. I have Psoriasis. Yes, I had to look up how to spell it. 🙂

I’ve discovered that these itchy, very itchy, bumps are my body’s faulty way of trying to detox. My immune system is so overwhelmed that it’s pushing the toxins out through the skin on my legs.

You might ask why I’m sharing this story. It actually has little to do with my diagnosis. 🙂 The morning I was scheduled to see the dermatologist (the one who diagnosed me), I was laying in bed talking to God. I was stressing about what they would tell me was wrong with my legs and also how I would pay for any potential medical help I would need. I wanted an answer and didn’t want it at the same time. Denial and I can be good friends at times. 🙂 Oh, and I was desperately trying to not itch my legs.

The Lord quickly brought Job to mind. I wanted a refresher on the health part of his story, so I flipped open my Bible to Job 2 (emphasis added by me).

‘Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them to present himself before the Lord. And the Lord said to Satan, “From where have you come?” Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.” And the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil. He still holds fast his integrity, although you incite me against him to destroy him without reason.” Then Satan answered the Lord and said. “Skin for skin! All that a man has he will give for his life. But stretch out your hand and touch his bone and flesh, and he will curse you to your face.” And the Lord said to Satan. “Behold he is in your hand; only spare his life.”

So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and struck Job with loathsome sores from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. And he took a peice of broken pottery with which to scrape himself while he sat in the ashes.

When his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast your integrity? Curse God and die.” But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women would speak. Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?In all this Job did not sin with his lips.’

In that moment I felt peace. I was reminded that God knows exactly what is going on with me. I felt prompted to thank him for the health that I had and even to praise Him for the bumps. I knew regardless of what diagnosis I was given, I was going to be ok. So now when I want to grab a “piece of broken pottery with which to scrape” or more accurately itch myself, I instead work on cultivating a thankful heart and mind!