My Dad

A few blogs ago I mentioned that my dad has Parkinson’s. He grew up in the northeast, met my mom in college, and works in computer IT. While these are all facts about my dad, there is so much more to him. While he is changing physically, I wanted to highlight 10 things I think of or remember anytime I see my dad. πŸ™‚

1. He’s a great comics reading partner – Sunday afternoons would often find me curled up next to him on the couch while he read the cartoons aloud.

2. He’s a prayer warrior – Part of my normal bedtime routine was Dad coming up and saying prayers with me. Even when I was in high school (and sometimes college when I was home) he’d come check on me before he went to bed. He’d tuck me in and pray over me. Often times I was asleep, but I vividly remember waking up at times and being so comforted seeing my Dad pray over me.

3. He is a music lover – He always had music playing. He’d sing Mary Poppins songs with me. And we always enjoyed watching the holiday parades together.

4. He has a gentle strength – He’s one of the strongest men that I know. He’s overcome much in his life and yet always has a ready smile and helping hand. I know that he’s always available if I need him.

5. He loves his grandchildren – I still have clear memories of him holding each of his grandchildren. He’d always snuggle those sweet babies against his chest and rock them to sleep. Sometimes he’d rock himself to sleep as well. πŸ™‚

6. He deeply loves my mom – They’ve been together for over 45 years (42 years married). He loves to make her smile and just spend time with her.

7. He was my protector – He always held me when I cried. He protected me from the world’s hurts when he could.

8. He deeply loves the Lord – He taught me what steady faith looks like. He always had his quiet time and desired to grow deeper in the Lord.

9. He’s a servent at heart – He has served our family for years. I can remember different seasons where he worked two jobs in order to provide for our family. He was always willing to go and help anyone who had a need. He instilled this in my brothers as well. Plus, he’s always willing to come and help me move (and I’ve moved a LOT).

10. He loves me – Enough said.

No matter how much my dad physically changes, he’ll always be my dad. And these are the ways I’ll remember him. Thanks, Dad for always being in my corner and loving me well!


10 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. You are a blessed son to have George as a dad, mentor and example. He is a great man, and we love him dearly. Tell him we are praying.


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