Memory Lane II

December 14 was the four-year anniversary of starting this blog. It doesn’t seem possible that it has been that long! Four years and48 blog posts later, I love seeing my history and God’s love and grace memorialized in these blogs.

Last year in December, I wrote a blog highlighting some of my favorite blogs over the years. This year I’ve added the ones that I loved from 2018! Enjoy the journey down memory lane and may your Christmas be filled with His presence and joy!

Brokenness January 2015

Being Known February 2015

The Beauty of Change May 2015

A Change in Prayer July 2015

Sharing is Caring October 2015

Unloveable January 2016

The Elephant in the Room February 2016

Run Wild March 2016

Feminine June 2016

Not all those Who Wander are Lost July 2016

Sometimes We Walk the Road Twice August 2016

Right Turn…New Season October 2016

Altar of Sacrifice February 2017

Greatest Joy April 2017

Heart of Stone June 2017

Time and Promises – January 2018

$1.35 – February 2018

Running Towards the Unknown – March 2018

Plan O……BU – July 2018

A Piece of Broken Pottery – August 2018

My Dad – October 2018 (I saved the best for last :))