A few weeks ago my small town had some flooding thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Barry coming inland. The flooding caused a main water line to break, leaving us without water for about 24 hours.

I was unaware of any problems until a boil order was issued a couple hours into my workday. An hour or two later I got the news that our water towers would be emptied soon.

As I sat in my office, I realized that I couldn’t be in two places at once. I needed to go to Walmart to grab some bottled water, but I also needed to be at work to get some tasks done. I’m not big into hashtags, but #singlegirlproblems popped into my head and made me laugh!

I know that because I’m single, I have a different set of struggles then my married friends; but these struggles also invite me to think creatively and see what the Lord is teaching me. So, here’s my list of what I would have normally considered a problem but now see as a God-given learning curve.

Needing to be in two places at once just to function – I now try to look around and see who the Lord has placed in my life to help me in certain situations. For example, I knew that my tiny town would be out of water before I could get to the store to buy any. So, I packed up my belongings (after they closed down the office because of a lack of water) and headed to stay with family who live an hour away. I was very grateful that the Lord has place me near family!

Bug killing – I’ve become very efficient at killing bugs that enter my home. Including the spider that was running rings around my toilet the other morning when I was trying to get ready for work! I had three older brothers and a dad who’d always come and help if necessary, but now I’m the only one who can take care of these little invaders. Thankfully, I’m also resourceful and know which bug companies to call depending on the situation. 🙂

No plus one – As I’ve gotten older my opportunities to bring a plus one to an event have grown. This past week I had a work dinner. Previously, I would just go to these events alone, but recently I have started thinking about who I could bless by inviting them to join me. Plus, it allows me to spend time with people I love! Including my Mom, who got to join me for an amazing work dinner!

Car what? – I’ve learned so much about how to take care of my car! In my family, the guys usually handle anything related to cars, but when I moved states away, I had to learn. Do I have a vast knowledge? Absolutely not! But the Lord is allowing me to slowly grow my knowledge and learn to better take care of my vehicle.

The greatest thing I have learned through my #singlegirlproblems is that I’m supposed to rely on the Lord. I dislike not feeling equipped and have been happy to let other, more qualified people handle situations. However, that kept me from having to wrestle through growth with the Lord. It might seem like a small thing to other people, but to me, each of the above situations showed me again the faithfulness and loving kindness of the Lord.

No longer is it #singlegirlproblems but rather #God’sgracefilledgrowth.