Sacrificial Love

In the church, the phrase sacrificial love can be used a lot. Some might even say it’s “christianese”. I’ve always known that I don’t fully understand sacrificial love. I get it about as much as a child can fully understand John 3:16. It takes faith.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

My lack of understanding came more clearly into focus today. I’m currently sitting in a hospital room with my sister, Carissa. She’s here to deliver a daughter. A beautiful baby girl that she is giving life to. Not only does she get to give this sweet baby life, but she is also getting to bless a wonderful family with the opportunity of loving this little one.

Carissa loves her daughter so much that she wants what is best for her. She is sacrificially loving her by placing her in this new family. I’ve seen Carissa painstakingly and prayerfully seek who will love and raise her daughter. The Lord brought her to a wonderful family who was ready for their own immediate family to grow. There are tears of joy and sadness. But more than tears there is love.

Sometimes God’s loves seems too big for me to understand or wrap my mind around. Who would willingly give up their only Son (John 3:16)? Now I have a more clear picture. It is someone like Carissa who desperately loves her child.

Does God love me the same way? Scripture says yes. I can’t say that I understand sacrificial love more today than I did yesterday, but I do know that I’ve witnessed it this side of heaven in my sister and her daughter, Kenzie Grace.

The Lord’s deep love for my sister and Kenzie has also been very evident as He’s walked them and the rest of our family through the last several months. It is very apparent that Kenzie was meant to be born and that the Lord was crafting the best family for her. One to give her life in love and the other to raise her in love.

I’m humbled by watching my sister’s love for her daughter.

I’m humbled by watching the adoptive family love my sister and my niece.

I’m humbled by watching the Lord’s deep love for Carissa, Kenzie, and her adoptive family.

Thank you Lord for Kenzie Grace.