O Brother

I have 3 brothers. They are actually triplets and they just turned 40. Most people ask me what it was like growing up with triplet brothers. It was normal, I don’t know anything different. So with that being said, I want to chat about my brothers and share what I appreciate about each of them.

Josh – He’s my oldest brother, by 32 minutes. 🙂 He’s got a medical background like me. He also has a love for people that he gets from my maternal grandfather. He’s currently stateside again (PNG Blog) working at getting a pastoral counseling degree in order to help serve individuals and families in the mission field. He’s married to an amazing woman (just this year!) and I’m thrilled for them and excited to see where the Lord leads them!

Josh and I have definitely butted heads, mainly when we were kids. Thankfully, adulthood has helped with that. 🙂 As we have grown older, we are learning to appreciate our differences and value each other’s perspectives.

I appreciate his willingness to always help others. He is always ready to pitch in and assist. I see a genuine servant’s hearts when I see Josh!

Jon – He’s my middle brother. He’s creative, even when he doesn’t think so. He has a deep concern and care for those around him. He has a gift for seeing the people the Lord brings across his path. He has my maternal grandfather’s heart for people. I have not always lived near Jon, but am enjoying a season of living in the same state. Jon has been married to an amazing woman for the past 16 years and has 3 wonderful children. It is a joy to see their family flourishing!

Jon has always been that older brother who pushed and challenged me. His word was also law. If you are ever enjoying a cup of tea with me, ask about the lesson I learned from him involving water, a tape measure, and not running fast enough. 🙂

I appreciate his deep well of knowledge and wisdom. He’s always willing to engage in a conversation. I see genuine Spirit-led discernment when I see Jon!

Jer – He’s my youngest older brother. 🙂 He’s always game for adventures and loves sharing laughter. He actually has my maternal grandfather’s laugh which is contagious! He also has the gift for teaching. He regularly shares Christ with his youth and anyone the Lord brings across his path. He has my maternal grandfather’s teaching gift. Jer currently lives a few states west with his amazing wife of 15 years and 5 wonderful children. It is always precious to see the joy their family has in doing life together.

Jer was always the brother that wanted to make me laugh. If I was mad at him, he always tried to solve the issue by making me laugh. He’s always willing to share his God given joy!

I appreciate his ability to connect with people. I don’t know that he’s ever met a stranger. I see the Lord’s love for the lost when I see Jer!

I’m blessed to have these brothers in my life. I probably don’t tell them enough the things that I value about them and what they’ve taught me. I’m hoping that this blog will be the start of remedying this oversight on my part.