Memory Lane III

December 14 was the five-year anniversary of starting this blog. It doesn’t seem possible that it has been that long! Five years and 60 blog posts later, I love seeing my history and God’s love and grace memorialized in these blogs.

Last year in December, I wrote a blog highlighting some of my favorite blogs over the years. This year I’ve added the ones that I loved from 2019! Enjoy the journey down memory lane and may your Christmas be filled with His presence and joy!

Brokenness – January 2015

Being Known – February 2015

The Beauty of Change – May 2015

A Change in Prayer – July 2015

Sharing is Caring – October 2015

Unloveable – January 2016

The Elephant in the Room – February 2016

Run Wild – March 2016

Feminine – June 2016

Sometimes We Walk the Road Twice – August 2016

Right Turn…New Season – October 2016

Altar of Sacrifice – February 2017

Greatest Joy – April 2017

Heart of Stone – June 2017

Time and Promises – January 2018

$1.35 – February 2018

Running Towards the Unknown – March 2018

Plan O……BU – July 2018

A Piece of Broken Pottery – August 2018

My Dad – October 2018

Thankful for a Broken Body – February 2019

Fear Robs us of our very Selves – May 2019

Sorrow & Suffering – September 2019

Transformation – November 2019

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