Crystal Bridges

Most people from Arkansas have heard of the museum, Crystal Bridges ( My adventure for the month was to visit. It’s about a four-hour drive from my place, so I knew this would be difficult to accomplish. I had company in during the month, as well as finishing up my work’s school year, which didn’t leave a lot of time for a trip.

I decided to check out the website and see what I could find. They actually had a virtual option for a couple of their displays. I picked a weekend that would be a little slower and decided to sit down to enjoy a virtual guide.

I was very thankful as they gave great verbal explanations of some of the pieces of art. I don’t normally have a great understanding of art, so hearing these quick explanations was very helpful in growing my appreciation for the featured pieces.

I know that there is more that I can see in person and hope to make it there sometime within the next year. I’m thankful for the challenge to expand my knowledge in areas that are weak. The Lord always continually challenges us to grow and I felt that my appreciation of art has grown.

The Lord is a creative God. I am thankful for this activity that slowed me down to appreciate the creativity God has gifted people with. You can see His creativity in the beauty of the temples that He designed, the sunsets and sunrises, the beauty in a field of flowers. May this activity remind me to slow down and see His creativity!