Because of the craziness of my July, I wasn’t actually able to do my adventure. I’m hoping to catch up on the missed adventure in the next month or two.

As I’ve been mulling over what to write this month, the topic of choice has been circling around my brain. Specifically choice in regards to singleness. My mentor recommended a book called, “She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle” by Deepak Reju. I highly recommend the book! He clearly highlights qualities to find in a spouse and others to avoid.

It seems that singleness has been a topic of a lot of my conversations lately. People want to know how to do singleness well. Reading Reju’s book got me thinking. Married couples choose to love their spouse daily. Married couples choose to be married every day. Why is it a choice for married couples and yet singleness is something that is thrust upon a person?

Over the last month, I’ve gotten back into the practice of Lectio Divina ( This is an ancient form of prayerful scripture reading. I first learned about Lectio when I was 24. Twelve years later, it is just as life giving to me!

About a month ago, I started reading the above linked book. One of the passages that they highlighted for Lectio was Exodus 3:1-12. The first part of verse one has stuck with me. “[Moses] came to Horeb, the mountain of God.” Moses might not have realized it, but he was seeking the Lord. He met with the Lord there in a burning bush. But before he saw the burning bush, he had to travel to “the mountain of God.” What traveling do I need to do? How can I travel to “the mountain of God?” Moses chose to go to the mountain and I want to choose to go as well.

I think I’m realizing that I have more choices then I knew. What would it look like if I actively chose to go to “the mountain of God” each day? What would it look like if I chose singleness each day? Would I wake up looking to experience singleness in a new way? Would I wake up choosing to love my singleness? Would I wake up choosing to love the Lord more deeply?

So I guess this is my current adventure. I want to embrace the singleness God has gifted me with today. I believe that my hopes and dreams for the future are meant to be held with an open hand. But I also deeply believe that the Lord wants me to embrace the day that He has created for me. May you wake up tomorrow choosing to embrace the life God has given you!


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