Sunset Drive

The challenge for the month was from my friend Tiffany. It’s #155 – Sunset drive listening to worship music (best when the windows are down). As you probably know I’m a planner, so how do you plan well for a sunset drive? You don’t.

I was actually driving home from celebrating a sibling’s birthday mid-September. I was pretty tired and was counting down until I could get home. I usually listen to podcasts while I’m in the car for any extended amount of time. So while it wasn’t worship music, it was a podcast on how to live singleness well and from a Scriptural viewpoint (Vicariously –

There I was on I-30 heading home and the sunset was beautiful! Bright yellow and gold and rich like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The planner that I am, I was wondering if I could count my drive home as my sunset drive. I weighed my options and decided that it wouldn’t count. I wanted it to be the adventure it was meant to be rather then just a check-mark.

I decided to take a detour and watch the sun fully set at one of the lakes close to home. I pulled up my GPS, typed in “lake,” and let GPS decide where I went. It sent me about 20 min away to a beautiful lake front in a nearby state park. It was a gorgeous drive and I ended up out on a peninsula. There were a few people out and I was able to get out of my car and just engage God’s beautiful creation!

As I look back on my adventure this month, I realize how much I needed that peaceful time. The Lord was preparing me for the chaos that was going to ensue. In the last 5 weeks, my Dad broke his hip, had surgery, came home, had to return to rehab, and I got COVID all in the mix. Thankfully, we are both doing better and thankful for God’s provision and care these past weeks.

So my takeaway for this month is that I need to take advantage of the beautiful moments (and rest) the Lord gives, because I never know what might be around the corner or what emergency might be coming. Enjoy the pictures below from my adventure.