Moving Details

So many details! This blog is probably being written more out of necessity then anything. 🙂 Every time I move, I sit down and plan out exactly what I need to do to move efficiently. So I figured I’d write a blog about it so that for my next move I won’t have to recreate the wheel.

  • Living arrangements – Find a new living situation or storage unit if in limbo. This includes research or allowing family/friends to help find a safe place to land. The beauty of my move this time is that I can land with family until the Lord highlights the next adventure.
  • Bins – Get my storage bins out of the closet to start packing. I actually enjoy packing and unpacking. And I’ve done it enough that I use storage bins rather then boxes. I’ve found that storage bins keep my belongings safer and less “buggy.”
  • Packing Schedule – Set-up a schedule for packing. I enjoy packing a few boxes a day so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. The daily number depends on how much time I have.
  • Movers – Research and hire movers for my large furniture. I’m good with moving all my bins and smaller items, but I’ve found that using professionals is the way to go for the larger items. I have an upright piano that is a beast to move. So if I have to hire someone to move that piece then I might as well save my brothers’ backs and let professionals move all the larger furniture. I’ve used a couple great moving companies, so let me know if you need any recommendations!
  • Movers Prep – Take apart any furniture that I can before the movers come. I know how each piece is put together and would prefer that I take them apart to ensure they don’t get damaged.
  • Health Insurance – Research and find interim health insurance. Now if I already have another job lined up and no break in my insurance coverage, then I can skip this step.
  • Rental/Home Insurance – Update my rental insurance for where my belongings will be going.
  • Addresses – Update all the mailing addresses for my accounts or bills. I’ve found that going through my web address book helps me know what needs to be updated.
  • USPS – Contact the USPS to forward my mail to my new address. Doing this the week before I move allows me to not miss anything and make sure it works. The USPS is usually willing to forward my mail for a year for a small charge, which is great just in case I miss one of the addresses on the above bullet point.
  • Utilities – Cancel (and possibly transfer or start) any utilities that I won’t need anymore. Researching how much lead time each company needs is helpful so that I don’t pay any extra costs. Can’t forget to ask about my deposit and make sure they have my updated mailing address.
  • Cable/WIFI – Cancel any cable or WIFI that is tied to my current residency. Make sure to be aware of their cancellation policy is important. Cancelling too soon can be frustrating and having to pay extra for not canceling soon enough is troublesome as well.
  • Clean, clean, clean – I clean like I pack, a little each day. I always want my security deposit back. Plus, I want the space to look sparkling when I leave and show that I’ve been a good steward of the space.
  • Last Bin – I always save one bin for last-minute things that I need during my final weeks such as shower curtains, window curtains, and dishes etc.

I think the biggest reminder that I need each move is to let people help. When I have a good plan I often times don’t ask for help. I’ve actually been realizing this year that I don’t expect people to help me. I always assume that they are too busy and they’ll always prioritize something over me. But the Lord is reminding me that friends and family can’t prioritize me if I don’t tell them how/when I need help. I think I need to do some meditating on Moses and the times he received help.

But Moses’ hands grew weary, so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, while Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side. So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.

Exodus 17:12

Not sure if this blog is for anyone else other then me, but my hope is that either my list helps you in your next transition or you find encouragement in your own journey. May you feel the Lord’s presence in whatever season you find yourself in or in the ways that you receive help!